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How to Develop your Resilience

Learn how the Three Pillars of Resilience you can help you, your team and your business to develop and improve resilience in these challenging times

Five useful 30-minute sessions

Begins Thursday 30th April at 3.00pm

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Life doesn’t feel quite so kind right now. I believe that its important to know that despite this challenge, the world will pick up again and keep going. This is a moment. And for us to move forward, we need to be resilient.

So what is resilience? All definitions centre on one word: elasticity. It’s our ability to return to something that resembles our original shape. We all know nothing ever stays truly the same, and in the current unknown circumstances, the one certainty we have is that our world will emerge from this a little bit different…… or maybe a lot different…

We all want to emerge and recover from this crisis quickly. To do that, we will need to develop our resilience.

I invite you to join the conversation around how we can do this.  Over the next five weeks, I’ll take you through my model, the Three Pillars of Resilience, and how I believe it can be useful to help you learn, develop and improve your resilience… for you, your team, and your business.

I ask you to commit to five, 15 minute sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays, connecting and learning.  In return, I’ll share this model and the actions you can take, for free.

The three pillars of resilience by Andrew Deering coach mentor facilitator speaker

What you will learn

What resilience is, and how it relates to setting and achieving goals

The Three Pillars of Resilience model, and how it helps us develop our resilience

Understanding Emotional Intelligence and how it can help us be better leaders and achieve success

Understanding IQ, its role in resilience and achievement

Understanding Learning Quotient and the role it plays in both personal and business success

Five ways you can work on your resilience, develop and improve it

Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny

C.S. Lewis

Webinar series dates – 3pm on:

Thursday 30th April

Tuesday 5th May

Thursday 7th May

Tuesday 12th May

Thursday 14th May

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About Andrew

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Andrew Deering has spent more than 20 years in leadership roles, delivering organisational development programs and leading transformational change.  Andrew has built teams from the ground up that had the capability to deliver programs competently and safely, often in short timeframes and high risk environments.

He has also spent more than 20 years developing a private investment portfolio, and rebuilt it over the last decade during dynamic changes in the economy and housing market.

Andrew learned to create his SHIFT over a decade of challenge and change.  Change in business, in the economy, and in his own health and wellbeing.  Through this, Andrew developed ways of managing change that he believes can be useful and helpful for others to use as they journey through their own change.

Andrew works with CEOs and C-Suite teams who want to transform themselves and their organisations.  He coaches and mentors them to create their shift and build trust in their business and their leadership, create a monopoly in their industry, and increase their revenue ten-fold.

In 2020, Andrew published his first book, Create the Shift – Book 1: You.  This is first of 4 books that will help leaders and businesses manage change at every level and ensure every person is competent, skilled and safe.  He also speaks at conferences and events across Australia and the Asia Pacific region.




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