Useful reflections… I Choose The Light

I have been talking with a bunch of people over the past weeks as they work to embrace this current complexity.
These folk were mainly CEO’s and Senior leaders.
One of the conversations we have been having is how remote working has been going… you know, the digital thing…

I have to say that the overwhelming feedback from the people I have connected with is positive.
To name a few…
  • Productivity up.
  • Engagement up.
  • Time effectiveness up.

All were wondering why they didn’t embrace this tech sooner…

Great question…
I offered a thought on this question in service to them… because you, the leader, were in the way… often with the best of intentions, but still in the way.
All those valuable outcomes above were some of the issues and risks before… so we assumed.
Not a comfortable conversation but one that offers tremendous reflective potential.

And my next question…

What else might you currently be holding onto that doesn’t serve you, your team or your business?
Where else are you telling yourself that no longer serves?

The curtains are rising. The light is coming in once more.
Time to bring those assumptions and potentially limiting beliefs out into the light.
Give them a good shake and see if they serve.

I choose to step into the light… all of me.
Limiting beliefs, assumptions, the lot.

How about you?

Love to hear your thoughts.

Be kind, be well, be true, be you.

Andrew Deering
Leader in Operations and People
Coach, Facilitator and Author 
0459 806 046

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