The Exceptional Consultant

Coaching Program

Scale your business, build trust in your industry and increase your revenue x10 – profitably


Have greater control over your growth and your lifestyle, and increase you confidence in taking your consulting business to the next level.

Are you:

A business owner, leader or entrepreuner?

Generating revenue, but feel like you’re not actually making any money?

Feeling like you’re working harder than ever in your life for a poor return?

Creating great programs but wondering why people aren’t buying?

Questioning whether you’re good enough to succeed?

Feeling you've tried everything – and don’t know what the hell to do next?

IF THIS SOUNDS LIKE YOU, I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND. The truth is you can do it, it’s just knowing how and shifting from a transactional approach to a relational one. By doing this, you become more trusted, ultimately dominate your market and become the first choice for consulting in your market.

The Trusted Advisor Model-01

This program is a journey to exceptional.

It’s a program that combines group coaching, peer support, 1:1 sessions and curated learning content tailored to help you achieve your individual goals.

The outcomes of the program are personal and unique, but you can expect they will include:

Understand what your market wants, and what you need to deliver to meet their needs, so you hear more “yes” and generate more revenue.

Learn how to shift from transactions to relationship building that positions you as the most trusted consultant in your industry.

Get clear on what success is for you and set the plan to achieve that sustainably and profitably.

Cutting out the noise and busy work, and being clear on what you need to do, and when it needs to be done, so your time is well invested.

Developing your resilience and practical skills to shift your beliefs so you build your confidence and kill off imposter syndrome.

Develop the routine and habits that will keep all elements of your life flowing so your lifestyle and business are sustainable.

This program is ideal for you if:

  • You’re prepared to invest in long term profitability and a successful business.
  • You want to stop spinning your wheels in the dirt and move onwards.
  • You commit to showing up to sessions and implementing the actions.


I want to be clear: this is a 12-month journey and so a 12-month commitment.  I’m here to work with people who will be honest, accept feedback and commit to doing the work it takes to achieve results.

My promise is, if you show up to sessions, implement the actions and do the work, you will create the shift it takes to become an Exceptional Consultant.

This program is not ideal for you if:

  • You want someone else to work for you.
  • You want to dance and avoid the truth.
  • You can’t afford to invest in your business and growth.

At the core of this work are the three elements of the Exceptional Consultant model: you, business and market.


This framework is all about helping you to become Exceptional and the trusted consultant in your market.



You are unique (in fact I believe you already are exceptional).  This program will focus on getting clear about what you want in your business and life, your expertise and what you offer your clients.

Who you are defines the level of trust with your clients and what will ultimately make you the first choice in your market.


Your business has the potential to deliver outstanding results for your clients, the lifestyle you desire = and a healthy income with a strong profit margin.  How you grow and leverage your business defines your leadership style and how you relate to your clients.


The market you operate in is full of opportunities (even if it feels like the doors are closed right now).  Its understanding what the market wants, and leveraging this to deliver solutions they need, that will bring you commercial growth and build your positioning as the exceptional consultant

The Exceptional Consultant Program includes:

The Exceptional Consultant online curriculum and content

(valued at $5,000)

Fortnightly group coaching calls

(valued at $12,000)

Two 1:1 coaching sessions with Andrew to help refine your strategy

(valued at $5,000)

The Exceptional Consultant private community

(valued at $1,000)

Curated content and reading lists tailored to your individual goals and plan to help, not hinder, your success

(valued at $1,000)

Total annual value $29,000


Investment: $997 + GST per month

Are you ready to become Exceptional?




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