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Flourish Magazine Oct. 2020 Issue

Flourish Magazine Oct. 2020 Issue


Bert Pope’s Show – Shine Your Light

In this episode with Bert Pope, we’ve focused talking about ‘Kindness’ in the service of self and serving ourselves the best that we can to others as a leader.

Watch the full video to learn more.

Linh Podetti’s Show – The Kind Boss Podcast

In this episode with Linh Podetti, we’ve talked about the blend of Humanity, Humility, Authenticity and Kindness in Business as a Leader.

Rebecca Bradshaw’s Show – Lockdown Library

In this episode with Rebecca Bradshaw, we sat down to discuss my book, “Create the Shift: Book 1 – You”, taking a closer look at what it offers to Leaders… particularly in the current complexity.

Jane Anderson Show – Courage in a Crisis

In this episode with Jane Anderson, I spoke about three key elements of my work that help my clients to manage crises and change:

1. Useful and limiting beliefs
2. The importance of investing your time
3. Being mindful of the feet we sit at, and who is influencing us

This podcast is intended to be useful for us all as we journey through this complexity.

Leadership most definitely begins with you. Who we are being as a leader is an ultimate tool for shifting culture and performance. Andrew shows that this critical first step is a process of integrating who you are, what you believe with who we are and where we all want to go. Looking forward to the second and third books.

Matt Church, Founder, Thought Leaders

Other Projects:

Andrew is also involved in the Launch of ‘What The Hell Do We Do Now’.

A book created by other 17 very clever authors that will help you navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, and the real-world issues it’s creating for leaders like you.

Andrew’s chapter helps you get moving, clearing the mind and the distractions to focus on the “one thing”.




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