Join me for a Conversation about

Becoming Exceptional

How to go from surviving to thriving in your business (and increase your revenue x10 profitably)

When: Friday 29th April

Time: 7.00pm AEST

Where: Zoom

  • Do you feel like you’re working harder than ever before – but your wheels are spinning in the dirt?


  • Do you question whether you’re good enough?


  • Are you struggling to generate a profit as a consultant?


I hear you.  Right now, in your journey there are twists and turns that might feel uncomfortable.  But inside these less comfortable moments, I see the most amazing growth and opportunity for change.

I see that you are Exceptional, and you can become an Exceptional Consultant, with a profitable business and a life you enjoy.

Join me for a 30-minute conversation about how you can begin the journey to Exceptional.

At the end of this conversation, you’ll understand how to use these challenges to go from surviving to thriving.  

Transformation is a process, not an event

John P. Kotter

When: Friday 29th April

Time: 7.00pm AEST

Where: Zoom

About Andrew

Andrew Deering is obsessed with helping leaders create a shift into being a better version of themselves.

He understands that leaders need to make sense of, and evolve with, the ever-changing complexity businesses face. He does his work by holding the space for the leaders and teams he works with: supporting them on their journey to grow into the potential and possibilities they each have, individually and collectively.

He knows that when leaders focus on doing and being better, people and organisations thrive and prosper.

Andrew is known as an expert in building capability through one-on-one coaching, team facilitation, and organisation-wide initiatives. He has spent more than 20 years working with organisations and leaders delivering operational and organisational development and change programs. Andrew has worked with renowned organisations including Shell, the West Australian Government, and Santos. He is also the CEOof The Deering Group, one of Australia’s leading experts in organisational transformational capability and change.

His approach of holding the space for others is done through a unique blend of humanity, humility, authenticity and kindness. This allows your people to create the shift they need in a way that enables accelerated outcomes in a safe space.




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